Instead of a preface

From the fringes of Lekka str, in the center of Athens, a story began, more or less, 50 years ago and continuous up to now. A niche with its own style, ideas  and a feeling of the «good old Athens», without ignoring the latest trends, though.
The Papadopoulos family business, continued its tradition with Mr. Michalis taking it over from his father and starting to propose ideas in the world of commerce.

In the course of time, one can distinguish the change of the trend and life attitude through the changes in the appearance of the shop window. From the expensive crystals and Galle and metal supports, to the post-modern bomponieres and classic charms, customers observe the changes of the Greek temperament and lifestyle over time. In the end, it might not be just another presentation of another one Athenian shop, but the presentation of our own life as it alters and literally sweeps away whatever it finds in its way, leaving us unaware of it.

The current successor state, as Silianna (Mr. Michalis’ daughter) is the present store owner, offers beautiful and tasteful «notes» for decoration and utility, to those who are really interested in it.

That’s word of honor,
The few of the numerous friends